Photo du jour – BSRR & BSO set lists!

We start the year showing off the set lists of the last two shows performed by Brian Setzer this year, courtesy of our friend Hans-J. The one on the left corresponds to the Rockabilly Riot show and the the on on the right, to the BSO gig. Both shows happened on the 30th and 31st last month at The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach (San Diego), California.

As our “reporter” has told us, “Seven Nights To Rock” was not peformed on the first night and “Rock This Town” was the only song played during the encores of the second night.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2017!!!
I wish you all the best for this year that begins, full of happiness and full of Stray Cats activity.

I have just cleared the News archive, since all the set lists, past shows and releases are under the correspondant categories, so no need to saturate the page with old stuff. Now, it is time to concentrate on the present.

SJP to appear on The Glorious upcoming album!

THE GLORIOUS - AfflecksPalaceIn March 2014, Slim Jim Phantom headed into the studio to record with The Glorious band from the UK a song for their second release “Afflecks Palace”.

According to this PIECE OF NEWS, Slim Jim has recorded a song under the title of “Brian’s Song”, in memory of The Beatles’ manger, Brian Epstein.

New information has been posted HERE and thhe album will soon see the light. However, it seems that “Brian’s Song” has developed a new name. Just wait and see!

Edit: As of today, 1 January 2017, there is no clear release date. However, I posted on The Glorious’ Facebook page and they have said that they intend to release the album later this year.

2016 in review

Well, well, well… another year has gone by and I certainly hope for big things to happen in 2017.


– Stray Cats:  it looks like the band will join forces to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their US album, “Built For Speed”. This is what Brian Setzer told to the Orange County Register on a recent interview.