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A note on set lists

Due to the great amount of similarities within the setlists provided by live recordings and the help of fans, I am only including one or two from each tour.

Additional notes are included where needed so as to indicate a variation for that show. Note that some songs that were often performed, might have ocassionally been dropped, so take the set lists just as a reference.

For thorough information on set lists, ticket stubs & posters:
Please visit our Stray Cats Collector’s Tickets, Posters & Set Lists Blog.

As for Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker, unfortunately, due to the few live recordings available I am only including those set lists at this time.

A note on the Tour Archives


All the dates here listed are believed to be 100% correct with the evidence of tour itineraries, ticket stubs, posters, press adverts, live recordings and personal comments of the concert-goers.


In order to keep the archive in the clearest way, note the following:

CANCELLED shows are not listed.
RESCHEDULED shows are listed on the date they actually happened.
RADIO & TV APPEARANCES are not listed.
PRIVATE shows are not listed.
BENEFIT shows not open to the general public are not listed.
IN THE CASE OF SMALL CITIES / SUBURBS in the vecinity of larger cities (such as Philadelphia or San Diego, for example), only the main city will be listed even if that occasionally means a different state.

Detailed information and set lists (when available) can be found on SetList.FM.

If you have any additional dates or corrections, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail through our CONTACT PAGE.