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Stray Cats are bringing it back again!

It has been much and highly expected but finally it is official:

A bunch of posts during the past few days on all the Stray Cats band members as well as on the “Viva Las Vegas – Rockabilly Weekender” anticipated a very much waited reunion. Finally, the news are all around and it is official.

Stray Cats will reunite again to perform at the “Viva Las Vegas Festival” on Saturday, 21st April 2018. Tickets can be purchased HERE. I guess we are all hoping for a World Tour.

A note on set lists

Due to the great amount of similarities within the setlists provided by live recordings and the help of fans, I am only including one or two from each tour.

Additional notes are included where needed so as to indicate a variation for that show. Note that some songs that were often performed, might have ocassionally been dropped, so take the set lists just as a reference.

For thorough information on their set lists, from 1980 to 2011:
Please visit the Setzer Setlist Archive.

As for Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker, unfortunately, due to the few live recordings available I am only including those set lists at this time.