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SJP with Glen Matlock

Release date: 21 September 2018
Artist: Glen Matlock
Album: Good To Go
Songs: Sexy Beast
Speak To Soon
Piece Of Work
Hook On You
Montague Terrace
Cloud Cuckoo Land
Strange Kinda Taste
Couldn’t Give A Damn
Keep On Pushing
SLIM JIM PHANTOM: drums, backing vocals

SJP with Mike Peters

Release date: 22 April 2017 (LP) / 30 June 2017 (digital download)
Artist: Mike Peters
Album: OST Man In The Camo Jacket – A Story Of Love, Hope & Strength
Songs: Strength (feat. Billy Duffy, Dave Wakeling)
Love, Hope & Strength (feat. Cy Curnin, Glenn Tillbrook, Nick Harper)

Notes: “Strength” was already released as a single by the Love, Hope & Strength Foundation band, in 2009. More information HERE.

For lyrics, click on the “view full post” link.

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