The Head Cat to release a new single!

This very Friday, 23 June, The Head Cat (feat. Slim Jim Phantom, Danny B Harvey and David Vincent) will release a new single, “Born To Lose, Live To Win”.

It will be available in a 7″ x 300 copies limited edition and will include the song “(This Train Is Going) Straight To Hell” as the B-Side.

The digital version will include the already released audio-clip “T For Texas” as bonus track.

Stray Cats Collector’s interviews Johnny Hatton!

On 26th December 2016 at a Seattle hotel, our friend Rajko Tolic was kind enough to sat down with BSO bass player Johnny “Spazz” Hatton and conduct an intervew for Stray Cats Collector’s.

I would like to thank both Johnny Hatton for taking the time answering to our questions and of course, to our middle men, Rajko. Without his mediation, this interview never would have happened.

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